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We’ve all had that experience– you meet somebody fascinating on the train, you strike up a discussion with the corner store owner, you hear a story on the news about an amazing act of heroism. Everyone has their own story to inform, everyone has a personal journey. The art of documentary provides us as the audience the chance to enter somebody else’s shoes, to see the world from somebody else’s viewpoint. It permits us to experience a life we might never ever know for ourselves. It might be a story about somebody throughout the world, or a story about somebody throughout the street. All that matters is that it grabs us– it makes us wish to find out more, to ask concerns, to hear what this person needs to say.

Holy Rollers aims to be the premier platform for quality nonfiction movie content– your one-stop-shop for excellent documentary. The place where you can go watch content straight, purchase your preferred discs on DVD, as well as experience these movies on your preferred streaming platforms. On Holy Rollers you have a wealth of content within your reaches, along with the capability to engage with this content in a significant way.

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